Business Pack: 4 Germ-Savvy®Antibacterial 300 Tape Dispensers and 4 Clear Tape Rolls – Black

This business pack includes 4 tape dispensers and 4 clear tape rolls, making this pack suitable for offices, universities, schools, and retail environments. The 300 Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers from Rapesco are a practical addition to any workspace. Designed for everyday wrapping jobs, the tape dispensers have a quality black finish to suit any counter or desktop. The compact, refillable tape dispensers facilitate various taping needs and are compatible with tape rolls with a 1” (25mm) core. Featuring a weighted shell and a full non-slip pad on the base for extra stability during use, and an easy-to-use sharp serrated cutter. The tape dispensers also incorporate our special Germ-Savvy® antibacterial agent, making them well-suited to shared use in any environment. Compatible with standard 33m long rolls up to 25mm wide, these tape dispensers also come with 4 rolls of 19mm x 33m transparent tape. Our 3-year guarantee backs the tape dispensers. Includes: 4 x 300 Tape Dispensers; 4 x Tape Rolls (19mm x 33m)

  • BUSINESS PACK – 4 Germ-Savvy® antibacterial tape dispensers with 4 clear tape rolls (19mm x 33m)
  • COMPATIBILITY – Refillable tape dispensers compatible with tape rolls with a 1” (25 mm) core and up to 33m long
  • COMPACT – Robust ABS housing with built-in Germ-Savvy® antibacterial protection; suitable for shared use in offices, universities, schools, and retail environments
  • FEATURES – Anti-slip base and weighted shell for added stability and a sharp serrated cutter for ease of use
  • VERSATILE – A practical addition to any desk
  • GUARANTEE – The tape dispensers come backed by a 3-year guarantee

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