Germ-Savvy® Antibacterial SupaFile™ A4 13-Part Landscape Desktop Expanding File with Multi-coloured Dividers

Organise your papers in style with the Rapesco SupaFile™. This sturdy storage system boasts 13 expanding sections with four brightly coloured designs. The SupaFile™ also features personalisation tabs to help customise each section, and the expanding frame is free standing, making it an excellent choice where storage is limited. Sturdy outer covers and cut-out handles, with incorporated Germ-Savvy® antibacterial protection, enable the SupaFile™ to be carried comfortably without the risk of bending or creasing the contents. Designed for arranging and categorising important documents, papers or revision notes, the SupaFile™ holds up to 1300 sheets of 80gsm paper (approximately 100 per section).

  • Germ-Savvy®: Built-in antibacterial protection
  • 13-part A4 file organiser, which fully expands and is designed for desktop or shelf use
  • Rigid, strong and easy to move with the cut-out handles
  • Expanding sections with bright coloured dividers make thematic arrangement easier
  • Business card and tab insert cards can be personalised to your requirements
  • The free-standing frame allows quick and easy storage
  • 1300 total sheet capacity

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